Working with a site selector can bring incredible value to companies who’re trying to find the optimal location for their expanding business. However, its crucial to hire a site selector who is qualified to speak on behalf of your company when choosing a location. You need someone who possesses the right tools, resources, experience, and credentials to ensure you are receiving the best advice possible while making your selection. If you’re needing to hire a site selector or are wanting to know more about what to look for in site selection services, here are a few things to consider.

You Need an Experienced Selector

Few things provide more value than the experience of a good site selector. The knowledge they’ve accumulated from working with so many companies to find land for sale that meets a specific list of requirements can never be replaced by a simple database or online search. They conduct in-person interviews with neighboring employers, workforce development specialists and economic experts to provide a well-rounded and qualified recommendation you won’t find anywhere else.

You Need a Site Selector With No Conflicts of Interest

It is crucial that your site selector goes about his/her task with your best interests in mind and not that of the landlords who will benefit from your business. Many real estate brokers will present themselves as being professional site selectors, while secretly promoting the interests of their property-owning clients or their own real estate holdings. You need to take special care to choose a site selector who can act in your best interests in mind and not those of any third party.

Your Site Selector Should Understand Your Industry

Your site selector should know your industry and the needs associated with it. They should be able to evaluate potential locations based on its ability to serve your needs, down to the most intricate detail. What works for a call center may not work for a commercial factory due to the differences in the types of labor performed and the warehousing equipment required. For this reason, many site selectors will choose to focus on one particular industry and develop an expertise in selecting sites that cater best to the demands of that market.

Understand Your Site Selectors Compensation Requirements

Site selectors are paid in various ways with a wide variety of pricing structures and fees. Before employing a professional site selector, be sure that you completely understand the price of the services provided and have budgeted adequately for this investment. Site selectors are the best resource for helping to choose which industrial land for sale is right for your company and are worth the cost required to retain their services. Most site selectors are happy to discuss the costs associated with their services to ensure your satisfaction with the process. By having a clear and candid conversation with your site selector, you’ll know what the costs are and why allowing you to make an informed decision about your companies future.

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