We all know that choosing the right land to build your dream home is essential for not only the whole building process, but the years to follow as well. Finding the ideal site can be the most crucial part of the construction process and once it is started, there is no going back. You’ll want to prevent turning your dream home-build into a nightmare by taking the time to choose the right foundation for your construction project.

Finding the right lot or plan for your home is no easy task these days. Oftentimes, individuals desiring to build their ideal dream home end up competing with residential builders in the area who are also looking for lots to build on. With that being said, it is important to consider making a list of your top priorities. By thinking about the desired features you would like to have and making those a priority, this will help compile your ideas and categories into a more narrow list to help you find that perfect piece of land.

First, you will want to think about the area in which you would like to live. Do you have an ideal location? A town and zip code, or the desired length from your workplace that you would like to accommodate? Have you thought about whether you want to live in the country or in the city? Perhaps you want to live close to your child’s school? Is it important that you are close to the nightlife in your city or would you rather wake up to nature every day? Considering all of these decisions will help you have a better understanding of the type of location you are looking for.

The next step in your site selection is to find a local custom builder and consider having them help you find a lot to suit your needs. They may even already have sites available. Check local newspapers and listings on the MLS for land availability. Also, consider driving by the area you would like to live and always keep your eyes out for signs advertising lots for sale.

When you have chosen the land for your home, it is important to make sure that no decision is final until you have had someone come out and qualify your lot. Work with your builder to make sure that the ideas you have for your home fit within the guidelines and regulations of the location of the lot. They should be able to help you with the details like, if they are required to build a road, how the sewage works, if it needs a well, what utility service is provided, and all other permits needed to start the building process.

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