Businesses who are looking to expand often partner with a site selector in order to find a location that meets their needs. This allows them to tend to the daily work of running their business, while outsourcing the job of doing site research. The site selector compares various locations and reviews the costs and benefits of each. He looks for things as to whether or not the land is zoned for commercial and industrial use, it’s location in conjunction to major interstates, ease of access, available space, trucking space and warehousing. Once all this is done, he presents the qualifying locations to the company and helps them make a decision.

Choosing a site selector is a major decision and not one to be taken lightly. The site selector will be the one helping to decide the future of your company and so you need one that understands the unique needs your company has and will work with you to find a location that meets them.

He also needs to have an understanding of the area so that he can introduce you to the various entities you’ll need to work with in order to make your move to the new location a success. This may be zoning commissions, city councils, construction crews or any other stakeholder in the community that would have a bearing on your decision to relocate to the area.

To learn more about site selection or to learn about industrial land and commercial land currently available, contact our offices in Joplin, MO. We’re certain we can help you meet your needs.