Your plan for retail success requires a shopping center or mall location. So how do you find one–and how much will it cost? Read on to learn the ins and outs of these retail locations.

If your next goal is to build a shopping center at a strategic location, the first step is to find the right site where it’s economically, geographically, and environmentally feasible to build a shopping mall.


A shopping mall must have on-site parking, weather protection, an ease of traffic to reach your location, and an overall theme of shopping comfort and convenience. For the merchant making a decision whether or not to locate in a shopping center, these “plus” characteristics must be related to the limitations placed upon you as a tenant. In a shopping center, a tenant is part of a merchant team. As such, you must pay your pro rata share of the budget for the team effort. You must keep store hours, light your windows, and place your signs within established rules.

Sometimes, finding a site for a new retail project takes only a few weeks, and at other times the process may stretch into months. The key challenges faced by builders and developers in finding an ideal location include land acquisition cost. Finding a center with all of the above requirements at the right price takes time.

What Wildwood Ranch Offers

  • All utilities on site: city water, sewer, gas, electric
  • Cleared, Level and ready to build
  • 400+employees and over 200+ residents and guests pass by site at least twice daily
  • Minutes from Freeman Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Medical School and Casino
  • 10 minutes to I-44 interchange access
  • Situated directly next to 70-bed extended-stay hotel planned for 2018
  • Property can be extended south for larger parcel
  • 190 Unit Senior Living apartments to be completed in early 2018
  • Continuing rapid residential growth within the development

If you are considering a shopping center as your next business venture, visit the prime real estate land for sale in Joplin MO at Wildwood Ranch. Contact our office at (417) 627-9675.