If you currently own a commercial business, you’re probably an expert in your field. However, one of the greatest mistakes talented people make is assuming that their talent in one area transfers to another. For example, just because you’re an expert in quantum computers, it doesn’t mean you’re an expert in commercial real estate. It’s why the most successful among us partner with those who have different areas of core competency than their own. Having a team who understands what you need working on your behalf can save you a lot of time, money and heartache in the long run. They can help you evaluate locations, negotiate prices and finally close the deal.

If you don’t currently have anyone like this on your team, here’s a few key players to look for:

Accountants – Accountants are able to help you make informed decisions regarding your new location such as the tax requirements and the operating budget necessary in order to make your decision a sound one.

Lawyers – A lawyer helps the transaction run much more smoothly. They negotiate with the sellers and lenders on your behalf and helps available the paperwork so that you can rest confidently in your purchase 

Site Selector – A site selector helps with in the site selection of commercial properties and land for sale in order to help you identify the best property for your budget and intended use.

Mortgage Broker – A lender or mortgage broker specializes in the sale of commercial properties found by the site selector. They’ll help you sort through the financing options available for your business.

While this list is small, you can expand your team to get a wider scope of council. The list above was simply given so that you might have a starting point in your journey towards commercial property ownership. To learn more about our commercial properties, site selection and available financing, contact our offices in Joplin, MO