Well, interestingly enough, it’s exactly as the name implies. ‘Site Selection’ is simply the process of selecting a site.

In true site selection, all of the site’s key elements have been strategically thought out by a qualified site selector who helps a company pick new land for commercial development. The sites are selected based on their ability to meet the needs of the organization. This includes the logistical and warehousing needs as well as other concerns that the company feels are important such as zoning laws and local ordinances.

A site selector works with the organization as they search for land that meets all these requirements. He’ll discuss the potential plans with various towns and cities in an attempt to find industrial land for sale that the cities will allow to be developed, while still meeting all the criteria laid out by the organization. Once he finds properties that work, he then compiles a report and presents his findings back to the city. He then helps them make their final selection and begins helping to negotiate with the chosen city on their behalf.

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