In today’s society it’s important or business and community to  incorporate the concept of sustainability so we can be more environmentally friendly. It has become a major factor with most site selectors and the companies that they cater to in their site selection process. Using the knowledge we now know about the environment it’s important to make sure wipe our feet off before we make another pesky carbon footprint that we can’t take back in our own backyard.

In accordance with our Master Planned Community, we have taken the concept of sustainable living very seriously. The 2,064 acer land that we offer is site ready  for any unique  commercial and  industrial companies building needs. The land is serviced by one of the top railroad providers, Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF). This allows for an attractive freight option for most companies to spend less time and resources on sending trucks to collect their product and have the freight delivered right to their dock thanks to their own personal rail spur.

Please feel free to give us a call at 417-529-6440 for more information. We would be very happy to grow our community with your help while also sustaining a safe and healthy environment for more convenience stores, warehousing space, professional office spaces, etc. We look forward to talking with you soon to see how we can grow together in a environmentally fashion.