A master planned community encompasses the neighborly lifestyle seen in films that celebrate the American dream. People tend to relocate to a master planned community for just that, community. Perhaps they are tired of the city life, or are just starting a family and want their children to grow up in a safe and friendly neighborhood. Whatever the reason, master planned communities offer a promising residence for anyone interested in moving. These are some of the advantages of living in one of these communities.


The amount of amenities available in a master planned community is typically higher than other residential environments. Recreational and nature activities are common in a master planned community, such as community pools and nature trails. Resident clubhouses, fitness centers, tennis courts, etc. provide residents with chances for socialization and ways to stay in shape. Some communities are built near golf courses or other entertainment locations. The larger number of homes in these communities allows management to offer better amenity packages


Master Planned Communities offer routine maintenance on your living space such as lawn care and mowing, debris removal, and even painting. These communities generally have a large maintenance staff in order to accommodate maintenance requests from all of the residents. In addition, master planned communities can perform general maintenance tasks on your home such as plumbing, fixing appliances, and maintaining the structure of your home. Instead of calling a third-party, you can simply put in a maintenance request with your management.

Sense of Community

One of the biggest draws of a master planned community is the communal lifestyle you’ll experience. Since many people move to this type of community for the same reason, you can rest assured that you have something in common with your neighbors. In a master planned community, neighborhood barbecues and pool parties are common and encouraged. Your children can safely play with the neighborhood kids and have sleepovers. When you step outside in the morning to get the local newspaper, imagine being able to wave to your neighbor down the street and then head back inside for your morning cup of coffee. If you’re out of coffee, perhaps you can go ask your friend across the street for some. These are just several examples of the classy, neighborly environment in a master planned community.


Homes in a master planned community are generally similarly constructed and are the same style, which allows for competitive prices when properties go on the market. These houses are typically in a homeowners association, which means the homes are kept in great condition. Most master planned communities offer homes in every price range, even exceeding $1,000,000. You’ll likely be able to find a family home for a lower price than one on the market elsewhere.