Finding the right land to build your business doesn’t have to be tough. We have laid out a step-by-step guide that you can be following to ensure that you’re investing in the right commercial property for your future business. 

Find Out About The Location

Your first step is looking for a location that best suits your business. You will want to make sure that you buy land that is in an ideal location so that if you plan to resale the building later on, you have a better chance of doing so. You will also want to make sure that your land location fits your business. If your business requires customers to stop in frequently, you won’t want it to be in a remote area. 

The great thing about Wildwood Ranch when it comes to searching for the land is that they provide you with a Master Plan Map on their website that you can use at any time. We recommend you take a glance at that color-coded land map to see what options you have when it comes to building your business here in Joplin, Missouri. 

Is the Land Available As Commercial Property

You will want to make sure that the land you are looking at is available as commercial property. Remember that just because the land is located next to a commercial area it doesn’t mean that the land for sale can be used for that purpose. You wouldn’t want to start constructing your business on land that you later find out was a residential plot, so make sure you do some investigating first. There is absolutely no room for assumptions when it comes to this step because building on the right type of land can cause you legal problems in the future. 

To avoid building on the wrong property, we recommend you ask Wildwood Ranch about their business area. They have a great central location with lots of accessibility to different types of businesses. Joplin’s strong business foundation is comprised of a skilled labor force, easy transportation access, reasonable operating costs, and local government that proactively seeks new business to the area as well as continues to work with existing businesses to retain and grow their business.  Not only does Wildwood Ranch boast exceptional highway accessibility, but the site is also within 110 miles of four airports that serve the region, providing commercial and cargo service to markets worldwide. Add that to the railroad access, Burlington Northern Santa-Fe railroad is on-site with tie-ins to Missouri Northern Arkansas and Kansas City Southern railroad within a few short miles, and you realize Wildwood Ranch Industrial Park gives you opportunities to reach every market in the world.

For complete demographics of the area, request a free Analysis Report through the Joplin Area Chamber.

Remember To Think Ahead

So what happens when you have been in your building for several years, but decide you need some extra offices added on? It’s important to think about the future of your business when you decide to purchase land. Will you want to expand? Be proactive and make sure that the land you choose provides room for growth. 

As your business grows, your space will need to as well. Avoid that hassle early by choosing a property that provides ample amounts of space for later construction, if need be. Wildwood Ranch has a large area of commercial land to choose from that will give you that space that you need. 

So You’ve Chosen Wildwood? Now What?

Ready to contact us about your next build? Please contact Jimmer Pinjuv at (417) 529-6440 for details on Property at Wildwood Ranch. Or, send a direct email to Wildwood Ranch Mixed Master Plan Community here: