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Congratulations on believing in this city and visiting our website. We want Joplin to grow too. And we need your help.

When we say grow, we mean a few very specific things: bringing in jobs, raising wages, and steady growth for the people of Joplin.

But for us to do this, the city council and state officials need to know we, as a city, are interested.

How can we tell them? With your signature. And it’ll take two minutes. That’s it.

Your name moves us one step closer to a greater Joplin. Sign our petition on Change.Org. No spam. No bull. You’ll only hear from us when it matters with updates on our goals.

Joplin is a town ready for growth.

What do we think Joplin can be? A place for families to establish themselves, where jobs are growing, and incomes are rising. We want graduates, when they graduate, to stay here.

But this will take change.

How does it happen?

We use our state and local government to help attract major businesses.

Things like affordable utilities, tax incentives, and development grants to improve local infrastructure. All these things make us attractive to a wide-range of industries. With these things in place, Joplin can be a hub for growth in any business. We have the pieces: open land, ready workforce, and a great location for country-wide transportation and shipping.

If you want to see what that does for a community, watch this short video that 60 Minutes produced on a job-creator, Joe Max Higgins, from Arkansas. In short, he developed an area of Mississippi, called the Golden Triangle, into a haven for new factories and business. In the video he talks about everything Mississippi has that made it a prime place for growth, and Joplin has everything they have and more.

Now is the time. Joplin is ready. Are you?

Sign our petition to change our future.

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