Focus on What Is Really Important

There will come a point in your life when you must stop swapping time for money. When you focus on what’s really important, you may find it is time to retire. This may sound simplistic, but it really is, the longer you wait to retire the less time you are going to be retired and to be physically able to do the things that you wanted to do in the first place. Financial planners might tell you that you do not have enough money to retire, but you cannot always let that be your guide. Start thinking about the importance of retiring and your retirement horizons will be broader than you ever thought possible. If you expand your retirement thinking a bit, you will realize that retirement is very possible and all you have to do is dream a little. Is retirement going to be the way you planned it would be 20 years ago? Maybe or maybe not, but the key is to not waste your time worrying about things that you cannot control, such as the stock market or the size of your retirement portfolio. The cheapest place to retire is waiting for you with the right mindset.

Where Is the Best Place to Retire?

Finding the best retirement location assumes that you have learned how to live frugally.

If you have learned to watch your pennies, you will have more choices in retirement locations than most folks. Finding the best place to live is very personal, and what would work for you may not work for everyone. There are certain criteria that everyone should examine before picking the best spot to retire. The first is the climate, then cultural and recreational opportunities, types of communities and the ability to supplement retirement income.

Where is the cheapest place to retire?

This is a question that more and more people are asking today. Unfortunately, it comes amidst a world of poor economic times. You can always think that the worst that could happen would have to return to work. Many, however, have managed to avoid returning to work, and have had adventures that are truly priceless. If you want to be closer to the children and grandchildren, what is wrong with having a steering wheel in your living room and taking to the road in your RV or travel trailer? If you want a more permanent abode examine park model living. There are hundreds of thousands of people doing this in the state of Arizona. If you think that’s trailer park living, you are quite wrong. They have the same view of the Superstition Mountains, in their $15,000 park model mobile home, than the folks living in $3 million homes.

How About Overseas Retirement?

You might also consider retiring overseas. When it comes to misconceptions, the many retiring overseas myths, keep several people working when they could be retired. When you retire overseas you will find it possible to live lifestyles that you could only imagine in the United States. In fact, there are several countries where it is very possible to live well on nothing other than your Social Security check. For some reason there is a misconception that people that live in other countries don’t get sick or if they do they will be subjected to Third World medical care, a big and untrue retiring overseas myths. Make no mistake; the healthcare system in the United States is in the top 10 in the world. No argument there. Unfortunately, it is without a doubt the most expensive health care system in the world. For instance, in Mexico, after you have lived there for year you qualify for Mexican national health care…about $300 per person per year. If you are willing to pay a little more, you can purchase a top-of-the-line health insurance policy $100 a month or less in many Central American countries… Hospitalization drugs, operations the whole 9 yards.

Why Not Retirement Communities?

Many people who live in retirement communities would never consider moving back to a “traditional” neighborhood. If you feel that retirement is about non-stop activities, this style of community is for you. Just make sure you do some homework to avoid surprises. Active does not always mean athletics. A retirement community can have bridge clubs, mahjong and a photography club and still be considered active.