Well, interestingly enough, it’s exactly as the name implies. A master-planned community is simply a community built by a master plan.

In a master-planned community, all of the community’s key elements have been strategically thought out long before the first foundation is poured for the first home. The communities are designed to have an optimal mix of residential homes, businesses and parks for the community to enjoy. Larger communities may even include schools and churches along with other community amenities.

These communities are a premiere venue when it comes to offering a lifestyle that provides all-inclusive living with conveniences that make it an attractive option. Open space, green areas and amenities are taken into consideration and are provided whenever possible. This ultimately increases the value of the homes own by the individual residence and can be a great investment for those entering their retirement years.

When you also consider that the homes are cheaper do to being produced in scale and with little deviation between floorplans, it can be a great option for those seeking a change in pace.

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